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Weed Lounges are Budding in Akwesasne, NY

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

72 miles northwest of Plattsburgh, The St. Regis Mohawk Tribal Council has passed a resolution that will permit cannabis consumption lounges in their territory. This is a big win for cannabis users in the region and brings with it a much-needed sense of normalcy and community to the Akwesasne area. Read on to learn more about why this momentous occasion is so important.

The Consultation Session and Process

Before the resolution was passed, a consultation session was held for tribal members to discuss the proposed amendment. During this session, members were encouraged to provide written feedback which was taken into account before the final decision was made. Thankfully, no comments were received against the change and so it was unanimously approved by the Tribal Council!

What’s Allowed at Cannabis Consumption Lounges?

Once these weed lounges open up, they will be allowed to sell only cannabis and cannabis products approved by the Tribe’s Cannabis Compliance Office. Additionally, they must adhere to restrictions such as not selling any of their products to individuals under 21 years of age or those who are intoxicated. This ensures that all visitors can safely enjoy their experience without worrying about legal repercussions or negative effects.

Which states have cannabis consumption lounges?

In many states across the United States, cannabis consumption lounges, also known as 'weed lounges', are popping up in progressive cities and towns. In states that have legalized cannabis, consumption lounges specifically created with the pot consumer in mind are springing up left and right. While currently, these cannabis lounges are only allowed in a handful of states, it is a trend that is proliferating. For example, Colorado lawmakers recently approved cannabis lounge license applications, and Nevada recently passed bills to allow cannabis lounges to exist.

The Benefits of Cannabis Lounge Spaces

The most obvious benefit of a cannabis consumption lounge is that it will give people access to a safe place to consume cannabis. Additionally, these lounges will create jobs in an area where employment opportunities may be limited, as well as provide an economic boost to businesses operating them.

A cannabis consumption lounge will also help educate people about responsible consumption—something that is often overlooked when discussing marijuana use but is incredibly important for its long-term acceptance in society.

This news marks an exciting moment for Akwesasne residents, the local community, and cannabis lovers alike!

The regulation of weed lounges signals a shift towards greater acceptance of marijuana use—and with it comes more job opportunities, an economic boost, and education about responsible consumption practices. We look forward to seeing how this new development benefits everyone involved!

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