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Runtz Strain


Runtz is a rare type of hybrid marijuana strain that has been created by Cookies Fam. The cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, it's loved for its incredibly fruity flavor profile with hints from the sugary candy we all know and love - just as you would expect! This cannabis plant produces resin-drenched buds ranging in color from rich purple to lime green which gives off euphoric highs alongside uplifting effects known to last long,

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Runtz Strain Effects

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Runtz Strain Flavors

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Tree Fruit

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Runtz Growing Info

Runtz is a popular strain choice for both beginners and experienced growers. This plant can be grown indoors or outdoors, with an expected flowering time of 63 days (7-9 weeks).


When planted outside in the right conditions it will finish around mid-October which offers smaller yields but still provides top-shelf quality!

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